Embedded Applications

Embedded systems are an essential part of the healthcare industry. From monitoring health conditions to treating diseases, embedded technology delivers precise, accurate results with a small footprint.

With the tremendous expertise in healthcare standards and embedded development, SFO technologies can help in developing and manufacturing a wide variety of embedded products ranging from simple self-monitoring wearables to complex surgical devices. SFO has expertise spreading along MCU based system development, mobile app development and cloud app development so that end to end M2M systems can be developed. SFO follows IEC62304 standards in software development.

Key Expertise

Embedded Firmware
  • Microcontroller-based systems using TI-MSP430, TI-Piccolo, ARM Cortex M0, M3, M4, ST, Freescale, PIC, Atmel etc
  • Low power embedded firmware design and low power optimization for embedded systems
  • Integration of various wireless technologies such as WiFi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, RFID etc
Embedded Linux
  • Embedded Linux distributions such as, Debian, Ubuntu, OpenWRT, ClearOS, Timesys Linux etc.
  • Customization of boot loader, Linux kernel and root file system
  • Boot time optimization and root file system optimization
  • Embedded application development and QT based GUI application development

Technology Skills

Case Studies: