Corporate Social Responsibility

At SFO, CSR is at the heart of the corporate culture. There is a total commitment to contributing to the welfare of the society. This happens through well-designed CSR initiatives with an intention of serving the society by philanthropy.

The CSR Vision at SFO

“To strive for the economic & social development by consulting proactively with the community & the stake holders, to understand the necessities of the society & design initiatives for the well being of the society at large, on a continuous basis & to ensure that such measures are implemented effectively.”

Identified Focus Areas are:

  • Health: Eradicating hunger, poverty & malnutrition promoting preventive health care & sanitation & making available safe drinking water.
  • Education & Employment: Promoting education & employment enhancing vocation skills especially among children, women & the disabled.
  • Women Empowerment: Promoting gender equality, empowering women setting up homes & hostels for women & orphans setting up old age homes
  • Nature: Ensuring environmental sustainability, animal welfare, agro-forestry conservation of natural resources.
  • National Heritage: Protection of national heritage art & culture, promotion & development of traditional arts & handcrafts