Detection and Warning System against Intrusion into Optical Fibre Cables

Learn how SFO Technologies developed and manufactured a user-friendly security device to ensure optical fibre links are intrusion proof, enable advance warning and continuous monitoring of optical infrastructure health, and also perform proactive maintenance.

Polarisation Maintaining Optical Fibre Coupler Fabrication System

Find out how SFO developed and assembled an automated Fabrication System for OFC couplers, incorporating technology to optically align the polarization axes of the fibres, so that light emerging from the coupler maintained polarization axis. This system helped our customer, a leading defence laboratory, to reduce the cost of couplers to a fraction of the original imported cost.

Multi Function Display for Fighter Aircraft

Explore how SFO developed and prototyped smart MultiFunction Displays and Head Up Displays as part of the “fly by light” initiative of our customer – a premier Aeronautical laboratory, which supported fibre optic, Ethernet and serial port interfaces for communicating with various subsystems and Mission Computer.

Flight Data Monitoring / Flight Operational Quality Assurance Software

Learn how SFO developed a software tool to extract data from the Flight Data Recorder (Black box) of aircrafts for analysis and reporting as part of operational safety monitoring as per regulatory norms pertaining to FOQA (Flight Operational Quality Assurance).