ODM Plus Solutions

SFO Technologies offer flexible, Low/Medium/High Mix, High Volume/High Complexity, Build-to-Spec/Build-to-Print solutions delivered under the same roof that makes the monitoring and management of your product lifecycle far simpler. In the last quarter century SFO has been delivering Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) and Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) solutions, the industry itself has morphed through several iterations and SFO has zealously kept pace, incorporating Manufacturing 4.0 technologies even as new peaks of excellence are conquered each day in terms of delivering quality and customer satisfaction.

Whether it is just the design and assembly of PCBs (Printed Circuit Board) for a variety of hi-tech products such as medical diagnostics equipment (MRI machines, X–ray generators, Ultra sound machines, Finished Medical Device for Non Invasive MR guided focused ultrasound surgery), Energy Meters, Battery chargers, Automobile Infotainment and Digital Clusters, Broadband Cable TV Network Monitoring Products or design and manufacture of opto-electronic passive and active components for communication, sensing, imaging or industrial applications, or full-fledged High Level Assemblies (including mechanical and industrial design, sheet metal fabrication, plastic injection moulding, etc in addition to the electronics and optronics) of metro Flap gates, ATM, Aero space products, SFO enjoys both a sizeable market-share and mind-share because of our entrepreneurial DNA that drives us to practise innovation as a team sport each new day. This makes New Product Introduction (NPI), Value Engineering, prototyping, testing & certification, manufacturing and obsolescence management easy and simple for our customers, who are freed of the headaches of dealing with the technology curve, scaling and time-to-market.

However, what really makes SFO unique and different are our ODM Plus solutions that deliver more value for your money, by widening and deepening the scope of deliverables at once.

Constantly driven by an urge to raise the bar and excel ourselves, we are already looking beyond mere Build-to-spec/Print jobs of traditional ODM to a Build-to-Concept model and much more, realizing that our OEM customers are increasingly relying on us for constantly stepped up value addition. Our dream of transforming into a true Build-to-X player will help us partner our trusting customers to engage more deeply with us and treat SFO as a true strategic partner, not just as a scaling service provider. After all, only true complementarity makes for a win-win relationship.

Breaking the mould of traditional Design-Engineering-Manufacturing services providers, SFO’s ODM Plus solutions bundle our own IP (Intellectual Property in terms of Patents that SFO owns), ready-to-use product building blocks, Digital technology skills (proven competence in IoT, Analytics & Mobility, Cloud, AI, etc) and expertise in related technologies such as GIS, Enterprise solutions, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, etc to make the crucial difference to the business plans of our customers.

There is no wonder, SFO reports a high Customer Retention Ratio. After all, SFO’s scorching growth from a single manufacturing factory in 1990 to being India’s premier ODM player has happened only because our engagements have grown in scope and complexity, in tandem with the growth in business for our customers, which we foster with our innovation and dedication.