Predictive Analytics Applications for Diabetes and CHF Risk Assessment

Find out how SFO demonstrated their technical capability by building cost-effective and easy-to-use healthcare mobile apps, using the SMART on FHIR platform, running predictive analytics algorithms to predict probable outcomes based on historical patient health data.

RFID Based Programming System for Secure Use of Renal Dialysis Cartridges

Learn how SFO put together a Manufacturing Programmer for a leading manufacturer of medical equipment and consumables that facilitated contact-less, fast, cost-effective means to integrate factory settings in the Cartridges for Haemodialysis Console Systems over a RFID interface.

Medical Device Connectivity Solution & On-Cloud Platform for Remote Viewing and Diagnosis Using ECG Data

Find out how SFO engineered and manufactured a Gateway device (with built-in dual Wi-Fi modes) to enable data from the ECG machines of a leading medical electronics equipment supplier to be uploaded to the Cloud in real-time and be analyzed by a Cardiologist operating from a distant location.

Communication Module for Real-Time Data from W-Fi Enabled Surgical Devices

Learn how SFO developed and manufactured a communication module for enabling surgeons to view data from the customer’s Wi-Fi enabled Surgical devices in real-time on LCD monitors in the Operation Theatre, with the additional facility to store the data locally or in the cloud.