Wi-Fi Enabled Electric Vehicle DC Quick Charger

Learn how SFO developed and manufactured an Electric Vehicle Charging Station that provided direct DC supply to the vehicle battery and monitored battery conditions and charging for B2C module of a leading provider of automotive consulting and engineering services that allowed over the air software update and connection to mobile device via Wi-Fi.

Instrument Cluster with Real-Time Digital Displays

Explore how SFO developed and manufactured a built-to-concept fully digital instrument cluster for a leading sports car manufacturer with real-time data readings that helped the customer achieve a cost effective, attractive and high performance platform, easily expandable for infotainment applications.

Motor Diagnostic System for Locomotive Compressor

Learn how SFO developed and manufactured an electronic system for a leading supplier of rotary equipment for the U.S. railways sector for real-time monitoring of their safety critical drive motor which involved sampling, logging, and analyzing data with the use of effective algorithm in order to improve the performance through predictive maintenance and thus help in cost savings.