In an era wherein data is the new oil, success of enterprises and their products increasingly depend on rapidly analyzing the huge amounts of data, whatever the source, data type (Variety), rate of generation/change (Velocity) and quantity (Volume) and drawing insights for effecting product upgrades, developing cross-selling and up-selling strategies and even taking public health policy decisions. Whether it is analysis of call centre conversations and social media fora to ascertain customer sentiments, using advanced video analytics to guide autonomous vehicles safely or processing TeraBytes of flight data to tweak aircraft performance, safety, and economy, SFO has proven our competence and this capability enhances our ODM offerings, giving it a decisive, digital edge.

Typically, Data Analytics is employed to analyze data from enterprise application infrastructure, IoT device platforms deployed in assembly lines, logistics network, power grids, pipelines, etc to gather meaningful insights. Each of the domain-focussed teams in SFO combine skills in IoT, cloud computing, enterprise mobility, GIS, enterprise solutions and data analytics to provide integrated solutions that help our customers drive efficiency, reduce time-to-market and reduce lead time in their line of business.

SFO leverages state-of-the-art technologies, from Hadoop to proprietary tools, to effectively store, process and query large datasets, and support big data use cases, such as real-time clinical alerting. SFO also enables organizations to build custom big data solutions that can be integrated with existing applications, helping them accelerate their big data initiatives

Energy & Industrial

SFO has capabilities in remote data sensing, measurement, monitoring, control systems that are used to manage Oil & Gas pipelines, power grids, utility networks, etc. Our expertise in planning and implementing SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition), DCS (Distributed Control Systems) and industrial automation & control systems are topped with our ability to collect, collate, process, analyse and draw insights from the data these systems generate and plan predictive and preventative maintenance to keep the industrial assets and resources ticking.


With our expertise in implementing and running big data analytics applications, we help organizations to make sense out of the enormous amount of data collected from IoT sensors and devices by extracting insights from it or transforming it into actionable business improvement opportunities.

Our Data Analytics Capabilities:
  • IoT based Speech, Video & Image Analytics,
    • Security & Surveillance, Footfall analytics for Retail, Crowd Management etc.
  • Industrial IoT based Predictive Modelling
    • Forecasting, Anomaly Detection, Predictive Maintenances, Adaptive Control, Optimization & Automation
  • Machine Learning
    • Regression, Classification & Clustering
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    • Sentimental Analysis,
  • Web scraping, web harvesting, or web data extraction

SFO’s Airline operational efficiency improvement software provides data analytics to identify ways to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, and increase aircraft utilization by analyzing data from the FDR (Flight Data Recorder) dump. Two distinct software products are offered– called FlySafe and Flight Quality Studio (FLIQS) – which can be easily integrated with the Engine Condition Monitoring (ECM) solutions like SAGE and Aircraft Performance Monitoring (APM) solutions from Airbus & Boeing. These packages can work with different models and makes of FDRs from different suppliers and are currently licenced to leading airlines and non-scheduled air operators around the globe.

For customers who prefer a services model, SFO also offers Flight Data Analysis Services which involve the incorporation of FDM (Flight Data Monitoring) and FOQA (Flight Operational Quality Assurance) services to improve the efficiency of flight operation while minimizing the risks.

SFO’s Flight Data Monitoring solution for flight test instrumentation is used by major Helicopter and Aircraft design houses in India to analyze the Flight Test data received at the telemetry ground stations and to compare the fleet performance with that of the aircraft subsystem design.


Advanced clinical analytics solutions are the key to solving healthcare’s most pressing challenges, such as population health management, clinical risk intervention, predictive analytics, and ultimately, personalized medicine. With many years of experience in healthcare domain and expertise in interoperability standards, SFO can be your trusted partner for developing a broad range of analytics solutions starting with traditional data warehousing and reporting applications to predictive analytics and machine learning solutions for a broad range of clinical and operational needs.

Clinical analytics are also closely tied to benchmarking provider performance. In the era of value-based care, financial performance penalties, and accountable care organizations, it is vital for providers to have a clear idea of where the weak links in the quality chain may lie. SFO can help to utilize clinical analytics to address quality reporting and decision support needs of healthcare organizations. Our experience in the development of mobile and cloud-based solutions helps to offer a complete set of services to support healthcare analytics initiatives.


Nowadays multiple high-speed cameras are mounted on vehicles to detect and collect data on the adjacent vehicles, surrounding environment and architecture, passing pedestrians, etc. to ensure safe and secure drive. The images received are processed in real time for accurate assessment of fast motion processes. SFO Technologies has proven competence in video analytics by developing a software solution for pedestrian detection, lane departure warning and face recognition.