Healthcare Providers and Patients

Apps empower users, rather than only technology vendors or government committees; to decide which health IT products are beneficial and valuable. They add new capabilities to existing systems, for example, to visualize risks, trends, and trajectories, integrate new data into systems, mashing up clinical records with external data sources and incorporating new flows of data from sensors, devices, and patient reports.

Healthcare Institutions

SMART apps simplify the integration of best of breed components into existing systems.  The SMART platform provides the ability to easily draw on a library of innovative apps and encourages market competition on quality, cost, and usability.

Public Health

SMART apps can transfer ideas, functionality, and workflow all in one package – a good app, distributed widely, could reshape practice overnight.

Decision support can be updated without the need to customize for each EHR, thus supporting rapid response during outbreaks and as guidelines change.

  • Cerner Millennium EMR
  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • Cloud Interface
  • Native Mobile Application on Android
  • PubNub
  • WebRTC
  • FHIR/HL7
  • Firebase

Technology Skills

Case Studies: