Photonics Design

The Photonics team focuses on the development of components and systems for communication, sensing, imaging and industrial applications. In optical communication, we have deep domain expertise, both for the passive and the active components.

Passive components developed for optical networks include fused fibre and PLC based splitters, attenuators, WDMS, MT connector based fan outs etc. The division has developed many novel passive products. For systems level passive, SFO works mainly in Fibre Management solutions for FTTH and long-haul optical links. Main fibre management solutions include Fibre Distribution Terminal (FDT) with internal rotation spool, Fibre Distribution Hub (FDH) and High-Density Splitter racks for central office applications etc. SFO has several patents in this domain.

For the active components, the capabilities range from high-speed digital transmitters/ receivers, transponders, analog transmitters etc. The design capabilities include fiber lasers, optical amplifiers, interferometers, interrogators, dispersion compensators etc. Besides this, the Photonics team focuses on developing unique monitoring solutions for fibre optic networks and security applications. This team is also involved in providing solutions for optical sensing, laser imaging systems, fly-by-light systems etc.

SFO’s breakthrough Fibre Sentinel System (FSS), with its exclusive WaveSense intrusion prevention technology, provides continuous, real-time monitoring of a fibre connection, detects any physical intrusions, and instantly eliminates the intrusion by shutting down the transmission.