Location intelligence increasingly matters in a connected world – whether it is for fleet tracking, asset management, navigation, making vehicles autonomous, maintaining pipelines or developing and managing Smart Grids, Smart Cities, Intelligent Transport and Smart Buildings.

As an integrated solution provider for Healthcare, Transportation, Communications, Aerospace & Defence, Energy & Industrial domains, SFO is able to value add to our offerings with our proven expertise in consulting, application development and data services, to aid our portfolio of customers spread over the USA, Canada, Middle East, Europe, Australia, Japan, South East Asia and India to develop, deploy, maintain, update, migrate and optimally make use of geospatial databases. Our expertise in integrating GIS enables our clients to provide a greater value through business and achieve better ROIs.

SFO also employs enterprise GIS infrastructure, mobile field applications and associated background processes for diverse purposes such as Parcel Mapping, Property Mapping & Information System, Municipal GIS Implementation including creation of a GIS portal (for local Governments), Land Base and Network Mapping (for Utilities including electricity, telecom, gas, water and sewage networks), Navigation Mapping (for aviation and marine vessels) and Facility Management. In addition, SFO taps our competence in LiDAR data processing for terrain Modeling, flood mapping & Emergency Response, 3D city modeling, airport Obstruction Surveys, corridor & Right of Way Mapping, transportation Clearance Analysis, Asset Inventory, forestry Applications, LiDAR grammetry and Image orthorectification, 3D Reconstruction of mines & tunnels, etc.

We are a Silver Business Partner of ESRI, the market leader in GIS technology and have been servicing leading engineering, utility, aviation companies and urban planning entities around the world. We also have considerable expertise in proprietary and Open Source GIS platforms.

SFO’s range of products includes:
  • FliGIS, an aviation solution for analyzing and extracting the en route parameters like maximum terrain height between specified waypoint segments, the oxygen level profile at a particular terrain height, which in turn facilitates the complete automation of the flight path generation practice done by the airliners. This product secured an award in a recent ESRI India user conference.
  • OFC Network Inventory Tool, is a web GIS application for tracking the exact physical locations of various fiber events in the network. Built using industry standard geospatial data models, it also provides tools for finding best/alternate routes, tracing OTDR, thematic display of network assets among others.
  • IFame, a tool facilitating management of space, assets, facilities etc. inside a building.
  • Conflation Suite, a customized ArcGIS Desktop solution that facilitates realigning the utility networks to a spatially accurate land base.
  • Marine Simulator, an intuitive user interface for defining, simulating and visualizing scenarios consisting of a number of vessels moving in an ocean environment.