AI and Analytics

Ai and analytics helps in developing next generation radiology tools and creating new possibilities to optimize the clinical workflows. It helps in creating more precise analytics for pathology images, thereby help pathologists to make accurate diagnoses, and manage their care.

SFO Technologies expertise in AI based and Analytics apps development helps clients to optimize the initiatives, accelerate revenue growth and reinvent strategic business functions. We have developed smart applications integrating neural network and natural language processing based AI frameworks.

AI Solutions

  • Voice interface extension for EMR using Microsoft Azure NLP features.
  • Intelligent prescription mechanism.
  • Forward prescriptions to third party integrations including block chain integration.
  • Healthcare Natural Language Processing
  • Supports both voice and chat features.
  • Medical Natural Language Processing enabled.
  • Contextual speech recognition.
  • Google Wavenet voice technology used for more realistic voice bot experience.
  • Chest X-Ray abnormality detection using Deep Learning
  • Deep Learning by enhancing Google Inception V3 model.
  • Design powered by Convolutional Neural Networks using Tensor flow.


  • Tracking patient outcomes
  • Quantifying financial benefits
  • Department statistics
  • Patient health trends/charts by applying analytics on collected data.
  • Predictive analytics and alerts based on algorithms / configurable rules to patients and to their caregivers.
  • Push preventive and wellness information into patients’ hands contextually.

Technology Skills

Case Studies: