IoT and Cloud

Wearable technology and Healthcare IoT are being prevalently used in the healthcare sector to track the patient health history and monitor data related to patient care. SFO Technologies offer capabilities in medical device design and manufacturing, device connectivity, cloud integration and data analytics as a one-stop solution for our customers.

IOT Engineering

  • Integration of Protocols such as secured MQTT, HTTPS and Web sockets
  • Device Driver Customization and Integration for Embedded Linux
  • Device driver development and protocol integration for MCU based devices

IOT Infrastructure services

  • Designing of Scalable IoT Infrastructure on public or hybrid clouds (Security, Performance, Geo Distribution)
  • Monitoring and Management of Infrastructure for scalability, versioning, patches security etc.
  • IOT Infrastructure integration on device side

IOT Integration

  • Device Integration : Development of secure adapters to interface with Cloud end points
  • Enterprise Integration: Wi-Fi WPA Enterprise security, NFC integration, RFID Integration on device side
  • Security integration using OpenSSL, WolfSSL etc.
  • Integrating Wireless technology stacks on device side (WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC etc.)

Cloud Solutions & Services

SaaS solution for

  • Stream analytics solutions for IoT device telemetry.
  • IoT Device Management solutions.
  • Integrate NBIOT based GSM module that can talk directly to the cloud.
  • Voice interface extension for EMR using Microsoft Azure NLP features
  • Integration of speech recognition services

Making the IoT in Healthcare Possible


Technology Skills

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