SFO designs and manufactures a variety of Magnetic components such as Transformers, Inductors, Chokes, Filters , Adapter Chargers, Power Supplies and Current Transformers for Metering & Control equipment. SFO also designs Magnetic products to customer given specifications. The manufacturing facility for Magnetics is well equipped with Semi-automatic / Automatic Single Spindle and Multi Spindle Winding Machines, Ultrasonic Splicing, Tig Welding, Lamination Stacking, Automatic Wire Cut & Strip Machine, Vacuum Impregnation Chamber, Baking Ovens and state-of-the-art Test equipment including product specific Automated Test Systems.

The facility is located in Cochin, catering to all industry verticals like Healthcare, Industrial, Energy and Telecom sectors. Range of products include Power Transformers, Current Transformers and HF Transformers & Inductors complying with international standards.

Key Expertise
  • HF Transformers – up to 300Watts, 20 KHz to RF range
  • 50/60Hz Transformers – up to 2KVA
  • CT accuracy class – 0.2 and 0.5 per ANSI
  • UL approved Direct Plug-In cord connected class 2 Power units
  • Compliance to stringent environmental conditions, viz: – 40°C to +150°C
  • Products meeting UL, CSA and EN
  • Materials comply to UL, CSA, RoHS and REACH
  • Vacuum Impregnation Chamber for Varnishing
  • Winding Wire ranging from 0.05mm to 3.5mm diameter.
  • In house capability to design & build ATE for Testing

Relay Manufacturing

SFO Technologies is initiating a new project to manufacture world class relays for Energy meter and other power applications under our Magnetics Division. The product will utilise other in house capabilities for manufacture of components and sourcing of components and subsystems for relays. The product range would cover 100 Amps Single pole relay followed by Two pole relays for remote disconnect Smart Energy meters. More such relays would be added to this range in future.

The single pole relays will be a substitute for relays used in Energy Meters in India and abroad. Customization demands from customers will be undertaken by Magnetic Divisions

Products getting ready now includes a Single pole 100 Amps relay as well as a Two pole 80 Amps relays shown below.

Single Pole Relay 100Amps

Technical Specifications
EC 62052-31 Capability UC3 at 100A/276V
Rated UC3 Load 100A
Nominal Voltage 230V
Frequency 50Hz
Contact Materials AgSn02
Contact Form Normally Closed
Dielectric Strength 4kV
Flammability Rating V0

Two Pole Relay 80 Amps

Technical Specifications
IEC 62052-31 Capability UC3 at 80A/276V
Rated UC3 Load 80A
Nominal Voltage 230V
Frequency 50Hz
Contact Materials AgSn02
Contact Form Normally Closed
Dielectric Strength 4kV
Flammability Rating V0

Other in house capabilities that would be utilised would include

Injection moulding for cover and other plastic components.

Stamping capabilities for bus bars and spring blades etc.

New capabilities under implementation

While existing capabilities for preparing coil windings would be utilised for making actuator coils, we would be establishing additional capabilities.

Bus bar bracing

Silver contact riveting

Product assembly line

End of line Testing.

This is for production testing of finished relays by checking each of the parameters mentioned in the specifications.