Plastic Injection and Moulding

When presented with the challenge of producing plastic parts with a high level of precision, we have adopted a collaborative effort between the part designer and the tool designer to include ideas and inputs at the early stages of development itself, which would resolve design and production issues (involving aesthetics, functionality or optimization) at later stages. Unique expert cooperation is managed to bring out defect-free product during the entire concept to build cycle.

SFO has an integrated plastic injection moulding facility capable of producing precision plastic parts and products using a variety of raw materials. SFO’s plastic injection moulding experience includes plastic enclosures for smart energy meter, automotive vehicles, medical equipment and precision plastic parts for ATM machines.

Key Expertise
  • UL Approved facility
  • 25 – 700 T machines
  • Hot Runner and Multi cavity Moulds
  • Insert Moulding and Over Moulding capability
  • Converting customers part drawings into mould design
  • Fabrication and qualification moulds
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Screen printing
  • Integrated product assembly