“Be a global technology driven company contributing to the enhancement of quality of life of the people and provide best value for all stake holders.”


“Be the global leader in providing end-to-end solutions in engineering and manufacturing for both hardware and software products in the high value added markets,satisfy our customers with innovative technology and superior quality, value and service.”


Customer centricity

SFO Technologies believes in building lasting relationships with our clients in order to maximize customer satisfaction. Each solution is crafted with the utmost care, keeping every requirement of the client in mind. The competitive pricing structure enables clients to gain maximum value from a project, whether it is completed at the client’s site or at SFO’s facilities. The aim is to build lasting relationships with clients by providing responsive service, support and training as required.

Equal Opportunity Employment

At SFO, our multi-lingual, multi-ethnic and multinational workforce is an acknowledgement of our commitment to our gender-neutral and equal opportunity employment practices.

Safety, Health & Environment

SFO has a strong policy backed by established procedures, for protecting the Environment and promoting employee Health and Safety. SFO makes conscious efforts to reduce global warming and pollution by using lead free components, recyclable materials, and embracing energy conservation measures.

Transparency & Integrity

We endeavour to work with transparency in all our actions, which leads to integrity and long-term partnership with all our stakeholders.

Continuous Learning Environment

We work towards empowering our people to achieve a continuous learning environment leading to performance par excellence in all business processes.

Governance Philosophy

We seek to create a governance philosophy, which reflects our commitment to the highest standards of personal and corporate ethics.