FOQA/FDM Product suites

SFO provides proven FDM / FOQA services and flight safety solutions for the Aerospace industry. SFO Technologies is also approved by the DGCA for conducting flight data analysis as per their norms.

Key Products
  • FliSAFE a premier Flight Data Management (FDM) / Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) tool that helps our customers identify, classify and manage risks for the safety of flight operations and provides with a framework to build a sound business.
    • Flight Data Monitoring solution
    • Support for FDR/QAR/SSFDR from different OEMs
    • Interface for other customized performance monitoring plug-in modules for fuel consumption monitoring, reduced thrust monitoring, analysis, 3DFlight (Animation) etc.
    • Exceedance analysis and incident /accident investigation
    • Periodic trend analysis and reporting
    • FTP support for remote operations, Batch Processing of multiple data files
  • Flight Quality Studio (FLIQS) is a sophisticated next generation software package for Aircraft performance and engine health monitoring. This tool uses big data analytics on the terabytes of data generated by airlines on a daily basis and integrates with OEMs a/c health monitoring programs. Its features are:
    • Reduce operating cost through more efficient preventive maintenance actions.
    • Analyze engineering and maintenance-related conditions on the aircraft from the flight data.
    • Minimize the wastage of fuel by analyzing the data and detecting the actual cause
    • Interfaces for engine trend monitoring software (SAGE, etc.) and aircraft performance monitoring software (Boeing APM, Airbus APM, etc.)

Technology Skills

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