Infotainment & Connected Vehicles

Connected to the internet, vehicles communicate with the physical environment and other vehicles around them. Here comes the need of Infotainment – the combination of information and entertainment, and Telematics – the combination of telecommunication and informatics.

With its competencies in infotainment and embedded skills, SFO adds value to next generation state-of-art Vehicle Infotainment and Telematics. The technology explosions in consumer electronics industry along with intuitive and simple design enhances passenger experience in a car. Following is the list of products SFO can deliver:

  • In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems
  • Telematics control units
  • Infotainment domain controllers
  • Audio Amplifier,Remote Vehicle Interaction (RVI) systems
  • Toll Collection systems

Following are the list of SFO competences in Infotainment and Connected Vehicle solutions :

  • Multimedia Application
  • Imaging Applications
  • Over the Air Update
  • Communication Applications
  • Navigation Applications
  • Smart phone integration
  • Wireless solutions
  • Vehicle Function & Diagnostics
Remote monitoring & ControlEnvironment :
  • Hardware platform-i.MX6, Blackfin, OMAP JACINTO, Tegra-II, Renesas R Car
  • HMI-Qt, GTK, 3rd Party HMI Tools, Open GL, ALTIA
  • AGL, GENIVI, Linux (Yocto) and Android platforms
  • Amazon Web Services ( AWS )

Technology Skills

Case Studies: