Transportation – Multi-dimensional Competence

SFO Technologies has a full-fledged Transportation team specializing in developing and manufacturing sophisticated solutions for the Automotive, Locomotive and Urban Transport verticals. SFO has been providing end-to-end services and solutions, to global OEMs and Tier I suppliers, consisting of hardware and software design engineering services, and vertically integrated manufacturing. SFO’s software expertise spans develops genres including Firmware, Embedded Software, Device drivers, Boot loaders, & Application Software for all transportation Applications.

Typical manufacturing services, involving PCB assembly, cable harness and / or sub-system builds, include application areas such as:

  • Electronic Control Units
  • Instrument Clusters
  • Train protection warning system
  • Passenger transit buses
  • Automatic fare collection
  • Diesel Loco Engines[Paragraph has been reframed and updated paragraph has been mentioned below]

The multi-dimensional expertise of Transportation business involves embedded development, engineering applications and hardware design services over following application areas:

  • Body Infotainment head units
  • Control Units & Gateways
  • Digital Instrument Clusters
  • Telematics control Units

  • Control Panel and Displays
  • Train protection warning system
  • Wire harness for Passenger transit buses
  • Automatic fare collection


Automotive was one of the first fields that capitalized on the prowess of electronics to upgrade the various systems used in vehicles to communicate, monitor, control, navigate and entertain. No wonder, the level of sophistication and intelligence built into in-vehicle systems such as engine controls, power train, comfort functions such as infotainment, navigation, passive and active safety, etc and transportation infrastructure such as toll collection, automated ticketing etc is increasing exponentially with the emergence of new hardware and software platforms, communication protocols and induction of new age technologies such as analytics and AI. The Transportation team of SFO Technologies strives to provide better solutions to OEMs and Tier I vendors for overcoming the challenges of the technology curve, competition and increasing customer expectations.

Apart from these changes in the Automotive sector, emergence of Electric vehicles and Autonomous vehicles has been the major trend in the recent past. Not surprisingly, SFO Transportation team has kept pace with developments in this field also.

Focus areas of this team include:

  • Infotainment & Connected Vehicles
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Electric Vehicle Chargers
  • Vehicle Electronics
  • Instrument Cluster/ Head-Up Displays


Alongside Automotive capabilities, Locomotive is another major area of Transportation where SFO Technologies has value-added offerings, such as:

  • Train Management Systems
  • On-Board Train Systems
  • Business Support Systems
  • ECUs & Gateways

Competencies of our Transportation team include:

  • Infotainment & Displays
  • Rolling Stock Body Control Units
  • Rolling Stock Power Electronics

The Locomotive services delivered by SFO Technologies are compliant with the following Railway standards:

  • EN 50126: Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety of RAMs
  • EN 50128: Railway applications – Communication, signaling and processing systems
  • EN 50129: Railway applications. Communication, signaling and processing systems, and safety related electronic systems for signaling
  • EN 50155: Electronic equipment used on rolling stock
  • EN 45545: Railway applications – Fire protection on railway vehicles

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