Instrument Cluster/HUD

SFO Technologies is the hub for hardware, software & manufacturing services which offer Instrument Cluster solutions to OEMs and Tier 1s. SFO Technologies offers Digital Instrument Cluster with easily expandable infotainment applications and second generation Heads up Display with TFT Display, LED driver and Mirror across this segment. SFO technologies’ knowledge in automotive product development lifecycle, platforms and framework automatically takes care of architectural complexity.

The platform expertise ranges from Freescale-i.MX, Vybrid, Renesas-RH850, and operating system expertise in Embedded Linux, AGL.

HUD Feature competencies:
  • Display of APIX data received from driver information module
  • Backlight control based on forward luminance, twilight sensor, tunnel entry
  • Mirror positioning and calibration
  • Unified Diagnostic services and DTC logging
Cluster feature competencies:
  • Trip management
  • Fuel management
  • Tell Tale warning and management
  • Software upgrade from USB thumb drive
  • Error recovery mechanism using watchdog
  • Fail-safe mechanism in software upgrade
  • Intelligent fuel management implementation
  • Support for multiple themes
  • Smooth rendering/animation of gauges
  • UI Design
  • Cluster application and design
  • High performance rendering capability

Technology Skills

Case Studies: